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Zenburn 2.2

Zenburn is a low contrast colour scheme for low light conditions.

Jul 12th 2008, 21:05 GMT

huerotation 1.1

huerotation is a Vim plugin that allows you to rotate the hue of current colorscheme (GUI only).

Jul 8th 2008, 08:17 GMT

bensday 1.0

bensday is a Vim color scheme, the slightly modified version of the evening color scheme.

Jul 6th 2008, 17:51 GMT

pink 1

pink is a Vim pink color scheme for 256 color terminals.

Jul 5th 2008, 19:29 GMT

leo256 0.22

leo256 is a colored, contrasted theme for long programming sessions for Vim.

Jul 3rd 2008, 10:12 GMT

blackboard 1.1

blackboard is a Vim colorscheme, a clone of the Blackboard theme from textmate.

Jul 2nd 2008, 15:04 GMT

DevEiate 0.2

DevEiate is a dark theme for Vim, mimicing the TextMate theme of the same name.

Jun 30th 2008, 09:20 GMT

pac 0.1

pac is a Vim plugin that offers syntax highlighting for proxy .pac files.

Jun 26th 2008, 04:36 GMT

pacific 1.0

pacific is a dark, oceany/beachy color scheme.

Jun 26th 2008, 00:03 GMT

colorful 1.0

colorful is a colorful scheme with a light background for Vim.

Jun 25th 2008, 17:51 GMT

earendel 2.1.1

earendel is a light and cheerful color scheme with friendly colors, highly readable, for Vim.

Jun 25th 2008, 00:09 GMT

dark ruby 0.1

dark ruby is a Vim plugin that offers a dark-background color scheme for ruby/rails.

Jun 23rd 2008, 22:03 GMT

nightflight2 1.0

nightflight2 is a Vim dark color scheme dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Jun 23rd 2008, 14:55 GMT

osx_like 1.0

osx_like is a color scheme that uses MacOS X like colors.

Jun 19th 2008, 10:30 GMT

Net.Tarot 1.9.6

A 'French' Tarot game that can be played over the Internet with multiple clients

Vivaldi Tech Preview

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.1 LTS / 15.04 Alpha 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

Adobe Flash Player

The official Adobe Flash Player plugin for web browsers on 32-bit Linux operating systems
Adobe Flash Player

Clam AntiVirus 0.98.6

An open source and cross-platform anti-virus toolkit for most UNIX operating systems
Clam AntiVirus

Google Chrome 40.0.2214.93 / 41.0.2272.35 Beta / 42.0.2288.6 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

Seafile Client 4.0.6

A Linux client for Seafile, the next-generation Open Source cloud storage service
Seafile Client

LMMS 1.1.1

One of the best free alternative to commercial apps like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic

Ubuntu Touch 14.09 RTM Build 20150120 / 15.04 Daily Build

The world's most popular free operating system is now available for smartphones!
Ubuntu Touch

GCC ARM Embedded 4.9

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) tools designed especially for ARM embedded processors
GCC ARM Embedded

Aptitude 0.6.11

This project provides an Open Source, terminal-based apt frontend for Debian systems

Cinnamon 2.4.6

A fully customizable fork of the GNOME Shell user interface for GNU/Linux operating systems

Aseba 1.3.3

An Open Source, event-based robot framework for efficiently and easily programming robots

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux, built around the GNOME graphical desktop environment
Ubuntu GNOME

D2X-XL 1.17.92

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems
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  • LMMS
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • GCC ARM Embedded
  • Aptitude
  • Cinnamon
  • Aseba
  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • D2X-XL
  • Net.Tarot
  • Vivaldi
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Clam AntiVirus
  • Google Chrome
  • Seafile Client

jammy 1.0

jammy is a great color scheme for Vim.

Jun 18th 2008, 13:47 GMT

beauty256 1.0

beauty256 is a beautiful Vim theme specially designed for xterm with 256 color.

Jun 18th 2008, 10:22 GMT

Contrasty 3

Contrasty is a colour scheme for Vim.

Jun 15th 2008, 15:58 GMT

darkroom 0.1

darkroom is a color scheme for Vim to mimic writeroom/darkroom editors.

May 29th 2008, 10:34 GMT

256-jungle 1.0

256-jungle is a dark-orange colorscheme for 256 color terminals (like xterm).

May 26th 2008, 02:17 GMT

reliable 1.0.2

reliable is a futuristic colorscheme with a bright, clean look for Vim.

May 25th 2008, 04:48 GMT

northland 0.11

northland is a dark colorscheme, with dominant dark blue and dark red, for Vim.

May 21st 2008, 07:43 GMT

darkrobot 1.0

darkrobot is a nice dark colorscheme for Vim.

May 19th 2008, 13:16 GMT

xoria256 0.3.1

xoria256 is a colorscheme for Vim.

May 19th 2008, 09:29 GMT

Shobogenzo 1.0

Shobogenzo is a medium contrast colorscheme that is easy on the eyes for Vim.

May 12th 2008, 10:00 GMT

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beachcomber 1.0

beachcomber is a light, sandy, beachy color scheme for Vim.

May 7th 2008, 12:45 GMT

WuYe 0.1.1

WuYe is a dark background color scheme for Vim.

May 5th 2008, 14:53 GMT

ColorSchemeMenuMaker 1.0

ColorSchemeMenuMaker is a Vim plugin that auto-generates a menu containing your colorschemes.

Apr 24th 2008, 12:42 GMT

Dark Elegance 0.1

Dark Elegance is a new colorscheme for Clearlooks engine, everything else is the same as the defau...

Apr 4th 2008, 13:05 GMT

Konsole 1.6 to 2.0 colorscheme updater 0.1

Konsole 1.6 to 2.0 colorscheme updater is just a little Perl script to convert KDE3 Konsole colors...

Jan 14th 2008, 18:41 GMT

GNOME Colorscheme 0.4.1

GNOME Colorscheme is an application for the GNOME desktop for generating colorschemes.

Sep 28th 2006, 15:35 GMT
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