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RGB/HEX Color Picker 1.3

A color picker for webdevelopers and not only

Oct 20th 2011, 08:25 GMT

gpick 0.2.2-1

Advanced color picker

Jun 8th 2010, 09:28 GMT

ColorSafe 1.0 Beta

A web safe color picker

Oct 8th 2009, 23:09 GMT

colorPicker 1.0

colorPicker is an AIR application inspired by a web application project that was able to pick the ...

Jun 8th 2008, 19:42 GMT

wpicker-applet 0.1

wpicker-applet is a color picker applet for the GNOME2 panel.

Aug 27th 2007, 11:05 GMT

Agave 0.4.3

Agave is a simple GNOME application for generating colorschemes.

May 27th 2007, 02:35 GMT