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MOSIX for Linux 3.x

A cluster operating system

Nov 16th 2013, 08:06 GMT

MPICH 1.3.2 / 1.4 RC1

A robust and flexible implementation of the MPI (Message Passing Interface)

Nov 15th 2011, 07:24 GMT

LINX 2.5.0

LINX is a distributed communication protocol stack for transparent inter node and interprocess com...

May 16th 2011, 08:18 GMT

ABC GNU/Linux Beta

An Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created for the University of the Basque Country

Nov 17th 2009, 15:06 GMT

OpenSSI Clusters for Linux 1.2.2 / 2.0.0pre2

OpenSSI Clusters for Linux provides full, highly available SSI clustering for Linux.

Dec 31st 2007, 18:50 GMT

LAM/MPI 7.1.4

LAM/MPI is an implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) parallel standard that is espe...

Feb 15th 2007, 14:35 GMT

Xgrid Agent for Java 2006-03-29

Xgrid is an agent for Apple's Xgrid clustering protocol written entirely in Java.

Mar 30th 2006, 03:35 GMT