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django-classroom 0.1.6

An application for managing classroom details on a school website

Oct 28th 2011, 23:03 GMT

CommieCC rev1

A pluggable slave-master application for managing a computer classroom

Nov 12th 2009, 08:14 GMT

HWTS 1.0 Alpha 2

HWTS is a modern online training system that can provide a virtual online classroom.

Apr 3rd 2008, 10:26 GMT

TcosMonitor 0.1.8

TcosMonitor is a teacher management of a thin client classroom.

Apr 28th 2007, 19:35 GMT

OnlineCourse 0.1

OnlineCourse project is a Zope Product for Online Instruction/Distance Learning.

Nov 2nd 2006, 05:05 GMT

The Manhattan Virtual Classroom 3.2

The Manhattan Virtual Classroom is a course management system that runs on Linux and other Unix-li...

Nov 1st 2006, 06:35 GMT