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360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit Repair 0.4.6

A tool for offline analysis of FW1 Cisco Netscreen Policy

Jun 6th 2013, 13:50 GMT

netaddr 0.7.10

Network address manipulation, done Pythonically

Sep 10th 2012, 04:59 GMT

bost 0.0.8

A DNS diagnostic program

Nov 16th 2009, 18:32 GMT

aggregate 1.0.2

aggregate is a tool for aggregating CIDR networks.

Jul 13th 2006, 06:05 GMT

Xealous Nets 0.9

Xealous Nets is a set of programs that let you perform network calculations.

Apr 25th 2006, 11:35 GMT

grepcidr 1.3

grepcidr can filter IP addresses matching IPv4 CIDR/network specification.

Mar 21st 2006, 17:57 GMT