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Praisenter 2.0.4

A multi-platform and free Java software that can be used in churches for presentations

Jan 28th 2015, 09:32 GMT

OpenLP 2.1.1 Beta

Worship presentation software to display songs, scripture and media on Linux systems

Dec 16th 2014, 13:17 GMT

Losung4Conky 1.1

Display daily Bible verses in Conky

Oct 2nd 2012, 22:06 GMT

QProjector 0.3.0

QProjector is an application to present different types of media on a projector.

Mar 19th 2008, 12:11 GMT

Suite-C Web 20060729

Suite-C Web is a collection of modules for Drupal that allow a church to manage itself and communi...

Aug 1st 2006, 12:35 GMT