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WireWorld 0.3

Cellular automata puzzle game written in Python and PyGame

Jul 15th 2010, 19:29 GMT

MASyV 0.11

MASyV is a tool developed to facilitate the visualization of cellular automata, or agent-based or ...

Aug 14th 2008, 14:13 GMT

Cellulate 1.1

Cellulate is a 3-D general purpose Cellular Automata simulator.

Jan 9th 2008, 13:51 GMT

Langton's Ant 1.0

Langton's Ant project is an example of a finite-state cellular automata.

Dec 5th 2006, 19:05 GMT

gLife 0.2.1

gLife project is an artificial life simulator that tries to emulate an artificial society.

Nov 22nd 2006, 14:05 GMT

Ghost Diagrams 0.8

Ghost Diagrams is a program that takes sets of tiles and tries to find patterns into which they ma...

Feb 20th 2006, 01:41 GMT