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calibre2opds 3.1 Rev170M

Generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from the Calibre ebooks database

Jun 5th 2012, 06:47 GMT

django-modular-languages 0.5

Simple script to manage multiple language catalogs in a Django project

Mar 11th 2012, 16:51 GMT

tk_msg 0.2.1

Helps a programmer create message catalogs for localizing Tcl/Tk programs

Jul 19th 2009, 03:10 GMT

qTopic 1.0

qTopic allows you to build Smart Folder queries on custom catalogs.

Mar 29th 2007, 16:47 GMT

JEAN 1.0

JEAN is computer software that can be used to make catalogs.

Nov 3rd 2005, 16:26 GMT