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Net.Tarot 2.1

A 'French' Tarot game that can be played over the Internet with multiple clients

Jul 4th 2015, 19:58 GMT

PokerTH 1.1.1

A Texas Hold'em Poker game where you try to defeat the other players as fast as possible

Jan 11th 2014, 18:40 GMT

GSeptica 0.1.2

Septica cards game

Jan 7th 2010, 13:40 GMT

Hearts for GNOME 0.3

Hearts for GNOME is an implementation of the classic card game for the GNOME desktop.

Jul 30th 2008, 07:41 GMT

TkHearts 0.80

TkHearts is an clone of the Hearts card game.

Sep 11th 2006, 17:35 GMT

Stretch solitaire 1.0

Stretch solitaire is a classical solitaire game.

May 12th 2006, 14:46 GMT