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Squid 3.5.10

A cross-platform and open source web proxy cache application for Linux and Windows OSes

Oct 2nd 2015, 00:47 GMT

Varnish 4.0.3

A high-performance and open source HTTP accelerator

Jul 20th 2015, 16:54 GMT

GeoToad 3.22.0

This Open Source project provides a query software for the website

Oct 31st 2014, 08:30 GMT

Cache Monitor 2.62

A freeware and graphical SQL development application written in Java for Linux OSes

Jan 23rd 2014, 08:36 GMT

ccache 3.1.9

A compiler cache for Linux

Jan 7th 2013, 12:06 GMT
  • DNS

pdnsd 1.2.9-par

pdnsd is a proxy DNS server with permanent cache for dial-up systems and small networks.

Mar 13th 2012, 13:23 GMT

tidy-rpm-cache 1232

A Script to Tidy a Cache of RPM Files

Dec 12th 2009, 10:54 GMT

Tidy RPM Cache script 1160

Deleting Obsolete RPM Files from the cache

Oct 19th 2009, 06:14 GMT

Videocache 1.9.2

Cache Videos Using Squid

Aug 27th 2009, 14:23 GMT

Ubucleaner 1.0

A simple bash script that helps you to keep your computer clean

Oct 29th 2008, 15:46 GMT

Chango 1.0

Chango is a system for cacheing MP3 files from multidisc cdrom drives.

Jul 20th 2006, 03:05 GMT