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Pox 0.1 Alpha 1

Utilities for filesystem exploration and automated builds

Jun 29th 2010, 19:37 GMT

OurDelta 5.1.39

Builds for MySQL

Nov 15th 2009, 17:53 GMT

Test-AutoBuild 1.2.2

Test-AutoBuild is a framework for performing continuous, unattended, automated software builds.

Dec 19th 2007, 09:25 GMT

Istrice 1.5

Istrice is a system builds to allow a parallel and remote compilation of projects of any size.

Nov 28th 2006, 15:57 GMT

Ruben 0.3

Ruben provides Maven 2.x plugins for Ruby builds.

Aug 29th 2006, 12:35 GMT

Brockman 0.1

Brockman is an information radiator for monitoring Ant builds.

Mar 15th 2006, 18:24 GMT