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iptables 1.4.21

A Linux kernel packet control utility

Nov 22nd 2013, 13:47 GMT

django-appregister 0.3.1

A Django app that provides the building blocks for an app registry system

Jun 26th 2012, 02:04 GMT

Zep's Dreamland 1.02

Zep's Dreamland is a block-building platformer.

Oct 9th 2006, 14:42 GMT

BuildPKG 0.1

BuildPKG is a tool to create packages for Slackware and Slackware-compatible Linux distributions.

May 22nd 2006, 20:56 GMT

TransactXML Server with DesignerXML 5.2

TransactXML Server with DesignerXML are foundational building blocks for a wide variety of server ...

Jan 12th 2006, 23:30 GMT