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Data management and GTK functions 3.8

Data management and GTK functions is a package of various utility programs that were used in build...

Jan 29th 2011, 09:28 GMT

ControlTier 3.4.10

A complete enterprise-ready automation solution.

Mar 4th 2010, 18:05 GMT

WIAK 2.3.0

WIAK is a simple, limited, but very efficient, special-purpose, extremely lightweight IPC shell.

Feb 12th 2008, 03:53 GMT

Dataxi 1.0.1

Dataxi project is a collection of tools for developing form-based information systems.

Apr 17th 2007, 14:27 GMT

Datalus 0.6 Beta 3

Datalus allows the user to build complicated Web applications using simple XML descriptions and sh...

Nov 30th 2006, 16:35 GMT