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TweetDeck for Google Chrome 2.7.3

Your personal browser for staying in touch with what's happening now.

Apr 9th 2013, 21:23 GMT

Gmail 7

Fast, searchable email with less spam.

Mar 11th 2012, 14:58 GMT

HootSuite 5.244

Publish updates, track activity, and analyze results across multiple social networks including Twi...

Feb 4th 2012, 05:58 GMT

Yoono Webapp

All your social networks and IM services in one web app.

Feb 3rd 2012, 14:35 GMT

BrainPOP Featured Movie 2.0

Learn something new every day with BrainPOP's free Featured Movie and Quiz. Or upgrade to explore ...

Dec 5th 2011, 14:22 GMT

Animals Puzzles 1.1.1

Kids from 2 to 6 will have fun solving their first puzzles

Aug 24th 2011, 14:56 GMT

LockMaster 0.3.2

LockMaster is a simple guessing game where you need to solve each box to win. This is also a great...

Mar 29th 2011, 08:25 GMT

Plants vs. Zombies 1.0.5

Think fast and plant faster to stem a zombie attack and save your home in this action-strategy Pop...

Mar 29th 2011, 08:24 GMT

Vyew 4.11.0

Beyond web conferencing - Share your view in a continuous meeting room in real-time or any time.

Mar 29th 2011, 08:14 GMT

eBuddy 2.0.8

Chat on every Instant Messaging network and connect with MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, I...

Feb 28th 2011, 07:17 GMT

Elmo and Zoe Count Hats 1.4

Count all of Elmo's and Zoe's hats in this Sesame Street game for preschoolers!

Dec 21st 2010, 22:40 GMT

Walking the Dogs 1.7

Help Elmo find and count dogs for Mr. Noodle in this Sesame Street game for preschoolers!

Dec 21st 2010, 17:55 GMT

FarmVille 1.0.1

Connect with the millions of farmers around the world with one click using Google Apps.

Dec 20th 2010, 13:23 GMT

Steambirds: Survival 1.0

Face off against increasingly deadly waves of enemies in this aerial strategy game.

Dec 20th 2010, 11:51 GMT

LMMS 1.1.1

One of the best free alternative to commercial apps like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic

TeamViewer 10 Build 37742

An all-in-one and cross-platform solution for desktop remote access and support over the Internet

Vivaldi Tech Preview

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

Beyond Compare 4.0.5 Build 19480

A powerful and cross-platform, yet commercial application for file and folder comparison and synchronization
Beyond Compare

OpenSearchServer 1.5.10

A powerful, open source, high-performance and stable search engine for Linux/UNIX

Net.Tarot 1.9.6

A 'French' Tarot game that can be played over the Internet with multiple clients

Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical desktop environment

Aptitude 0.6.11

This project provides an Open Source, terminal-based apt frontend for Debian systems

D2X-XL 1.17.93

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

gscan2pdf 1.3.0

An Open Source application to easily produce PDF files from multiple scanned documents

Task Coach 1.4.2

An easy-to-use, simple and Open Source to-do manager for Linux operating systems
Task Coach

Qtractor 0.6.5

An Open Source audio and MIDI multi-track sequencer application for Linux systems

VirtualGL 2.3.3

An Open Source software that allows remote display apps to run OpenGL applications

CherryTree 0.35.7

A GTK text editor and note taking application for the GNU/Linux operating system

Xubuntu Naga 24_01_15

An Open Source Linux distribution based on Xubuntu and designed for Naga44 Association
Xubuntu Naga
% discount
  • Aptitude
  • D2X-XL
  • gscan2pdf
  • Task Coach
  • Qtractor
  • VirtualGL
  • CherryTree
  • Xubuntu Naga
  • LMMS
  • TeamViewer
  • Vivaldi
  • Beyond Compare
  • OpenSearchServer
  • Net.Tarot
  • Kubuntu

Real Solitaire 1.4

Play the award-winning Klondike solitaire that offers a variety of game modes and many great featu...

Dec 20th 2010, 11:21 GMT

Google Books

Read over 3 million Google eBooks on the web. Take your favorite books with you and continue readi...

Dec 20th 2010, 11:10 GMT

Pivotal Labs 1.1

Award winning, agile project management software that brings focused, real time collaboration to y...

Dec 20th 2010, 11:02 GMT

Mobiscope 1.0

Mobiscope is an affordable video surveillance app. View and record everything that goes on when yo...

Dec 20th 2010, 10:04 GMT

RDM+ 1.0

Remote Desktop for Mobiles gives you complete access to your remote computer from anywhere.

Dec 20th 2010, 10:01 GMT

IM+ 1.0

A web messenger for Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ & Google Talk.

Dec 20th 2010, 09:45 GMT

AppBrain Android market 1

Find, share and install the best Android apps and manage your phone online.

Dec 20th 2010, 09:11 GMT

Android Push Contacts 1

Allows you to add contacts or send SMS from the browser to your Android phone

Dec 20th 2010, 08:00 GMT

Sesame Street: Sounds Around Town 1.7

Explore the sounds of Sesame Street in this game for Toddlers!

Dec 20th 2010, 01:26 GMT

Emma and the Blue Bird 1

Join Emma and her new friend in this sweet children's game designed for children 3 and up.

Dec 19th 2010, 18:16 GMT

live downloads


Emma at the Zoo 1

Join Emma for a day of fun as she explores the Zoo with her Dad.

Dec 19th 2010, 17:48 GMT

Emma Xmas 3

Join Emma in this special Christmas themed difference spotting adventure!

Dec 19th 2010, 15:55 GMT 1

Following People at Real-World Events in Real-Time

Dec 19th 2010, 05:17 GMT

Web VNC 0.0.5

Connect to any server worldwide via VNC directly from your browser provided by CloudSigma.

Dec 18th 2010, 22:21 GMT

SlideRocket 1.0.4

It defines the new way to create stunning presentations that deliver lasting impressions and measu...

Dec 18th 2010, 06:08 GMT

Weebly - Website Builder 1.0.4

Easily create a free website, blog or online store. No technical skills required. Hosting included.

Dec 18th 2010, 01:29 GMT
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