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Zenity 3.10.2

A tool used to create simple dialogs that interact with the user

Dec 10th 2013, 10:36 GMT

boxes 1.1.1

A text filter which can draw ASCII art boxes around its input text

Mar 21st 2012, 15:22 GMT

django-boxes 0.1 Beta 1

A reusable Django content-boxes application

Jul 16th 2011, 00:09 GMT

Aduna AutoFocus 5.0

Aduna AutoFocus is a software that helps you to search and find information on your PC.

Jun 13th 2008, 13:40 GMT

Sets as Boxes 1.0

Sets as Boxes is a simple tool for visualizing finite sets as cardboard boxes.

Feb 28th 2008, 10:17 GMT

Ball Machine 1.0.0

Ball Machine is a computer program in which a ball reacts to boxes created by the user.

Oct 24th 2007, 19:35 GMT

Warehouse 0.0.2

Warehouse project is a shoving boxes game.

Dec 27th 2006, 08:05 GMT

PackAttack 0.5.1

PackAttack is a clone of "Stack Attack", a tetris-like game.

Dec 10th 2006, 04:05 GMT

KBoxes- 1.4

KBoxes! project is a little mind game.

Nov 25th 2006, 04:05 GMT

GSokoban 1.0

GSokoban project is a GNOME implementation of the Sokoban game.

Nov 22nd 2006, 20:05 GMT