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Murka 1.4.1

An Open Source CLI software that lets you work with median networks and Steiner trees

Mar 14th 2015, 16:14 GMT

Avogadro2 0.7.2

An Open Source advanced molecular visualizer and editor used in chemistry and bioinformatics

Jan 29th 2015, 07:39 GMT

The Chemistry Development Kit 1.5.10

An Open Source project that provides Java classes for chemo- and bioinformatics.

Jan 10th 2015, 18:34 GMT

biotools 1.2.9

A bunch of bioinformatics utilities

Sep 18th 2012, 09:30 GMT

bein 1.06

Miniature LIMS and workflow manager for bioinformatics

Apr 9th 2011, 00:09 GMT

Pygr 0.8.2

Graph database interfaces in Python

Nov 19th 2010, 12:09 GMT

COPASI 4.6 Build 32

A tool for simulation and modeling of biochemical networks.

Jul 22nd 2010, 16:39 GMT

Bubble Pond 1.1.0

A simple artificial life program

Jul 22nd 2010, 12:13 GMT

UGENE 1.7.0

Integrated Bioinformatics Tools

Jun 1st 2010, 11:00 GMT

Aipotu 1.2.3

Formerly the Molecular Genetics Explorer

May 27th 2010, 09:04 GMT

SIBsim4 0.20

A program designed to align an expressed DNA sequence with a genomic sequence

Apr 20th 2010, 13:05 GMT

NoePrimer 2.03

A simple yet powerful primer design software

Mar 30th 2010, 12:44 GMT

The Digital Seed Vault 0.5.0

A seed stock database mainly developed for researchers in the plant sciences

Mar 11th 2010, 12:36 GMT

nwalign 0.3.0

Needleman-Wunsch global sequence alignment in Python

Dec 28th 2009, 04:06 GMT

ownCloud Client 1.8.0

The official front-end for the ownCloud personal cloud server for GNU/Linux systems
ownCloud Client

Ubuntu Cloud Server 15.04 Beta 2

The official cloud server edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, deployable on the cloud
Ubuntu Cloud Server

whois 5.2.6

A modern and Open Source command-line whois client for all Linux operating systems

Chromium 41.0.2272.101

A safer, faster, reliable, and more stable web browser for a better Internet experience

SmartGit/Hg 6.5.6 / 7 Preview 4

An easy-to-use and cross-platform Mercurial, Subversion and Git client software!

uGet 1.10.4 / 1.99.6 Dev

A very powerful and feature rich download manager for Linux/UNIX operating systems

Lubuntu 15.04 Beta 2

The Vivid Vervet edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

Stella 4.6

An open-source and cross-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator for Linux, Windows and Mac

GIT 2.3.4 / 2.4.0 RC0

The world's most popular and fast version control system for Linux/UNIX systems.

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Beta 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux, built around the GNOME graphical desktop environment
Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 LTS / 15.04 Beta 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

QmidiCtl 0.2.0

An Open Source MIDI remote controller application that runs via UDP/IP multicast

Google Chrome 41.0.2272.101 / 42.0.2311.50 Beta / 43.0.2342.2 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

Sublime Text 2.0.2 / 3.0 Beta Build 3083

The text editor you'll fall in love with is now available for your GNU/Linux operating system
Sublime Text

GCC ARM Embedded 4.9 Update 1

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) tools designed especially for ARM embedded processors
GCC ARM Embedded
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  • Stella
  • GIT
  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • QmidiCtl
  • Google Chrome
  • Sublime Text
  • GCC ARM Embedded
  • ownCloud Client
  • Ubuntu Cloud Server
  • whois
  • Chromium
  • SmartGit/Hg
  • uGet
  • Lubuntu

Bio2RDF 0.8.1 semantic web identifiers resolver

Dec 8th 2009, 11:18 GMT


A suite of command line programs written in Perl that accelerates annotation of genes and transpos...

May 13th 2009, 12:24 GMT

CLC Protein Workbench 5.0

A bioinformatics program for advanced protein sequence analysis

Jan 30th 2009, 15:00 GMT

CLC RNA Workbench 4.0

A bioinformatics program for advanced RNA sequence analysis.

Jan 30th 2009, 14:57 GMT

Annotathon 0.2

Bioinformatics training through metagenomic sequence annotation.

Sep 26th 2008, 08:30 GMT

wrappers4EMBOSS 2.1.0

wrappers4EMBOSS allows to integrate under EMBOSS a number of popular bioinformatics software suite...

Jul 24th 2008, 10:32 GMT

CLC Sequence Viewer 5.0

CLC Sequence Viewer is a bioinformatics program for DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis

Jul 3rd 2008, 08:04 GMT

BndLst 1.6.001127

Bndlst is a PDB file format reader.

May 8th 2008, 01:18 GMT

QTL Reaper 1.1.1

QTL Reaper is software for rapidly scanning microarray expression data for QTLs.

Mar 19th 2008, 23:05 GMT

LutefiskXP 1.0.5a

LutefiskXP is an ANSI C compliant software used to perform the new peptide sequencing from tandem ...

Jan 17th 2008, 14:39 GMT

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ESTminer 1.0

ESTminer is a Web application and database schema for interactive mining of expressed sequence tag...

Jan 13th 2008, 13:17 GMT

Cellulate 1.1

Cellulate is a 3-D general purpose Cellular Automata simulator.

Jan 9th 2008, 13:51 GMT

RepeatFinder 1.0.0

RepeatFinder is a console-based bioinformatics tool that searches for repeating stretches of DNA.

Jul 7th 2006, 20:43 GMT

ClusterControl 2.0

ClusterControl project is a web-interface to simplify distributing and monitoring bioinformatics a...

Mar 8th 2006, 17:39 GMT

VLinux Bioinformatics Workbench 1.0

VLinux Bioinformatics workbench is a Linux distribution for Bioinformatics.

Dec 28th 2005, 16:59 GMT

Bioinformatics Benchmark System 3

Bioinformatics Benchmark System is a bioinformatics benchmark system for platform performance meas...

Aug 13th 2005, 01:35 GMT
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