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cwbiff 0.3.0

A morse code mail notifier

Feb 16th 2013, 03:28 GMT

KBiff 4.0

KBiff is a dockable "biff" or new mail notification utility.

Mar 21st 2011, 14:50 GMT

newmail 0.5

newmail is a biff like program for the terminal.

Jun 12th 2008, 13:21 GMT
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blt SVN

blt shows you what your twitter friends are doing while you're working at the commandline, in Linu...

Apr 2nd 2008, 14:38 GMT

OmniBiff 0.60

OmniBiff is a universal "biff" program able to monitor multiple email servers of virtually any type.

Jan 20th 2008, 12:05 GMT

kcheckmail 0.2

kcheckmail project is a very simple biff utility written in perl.

Apr 3rd 2007, 19:23 GMT