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FreeBASIC Compiler 1.04.0

An open source, cross-platform, free, 32-bit/64-bit BASIC compiler for GNU/Linux operating systems...

Oct 2nd 2015, 04:26 GMT


An Open Source, cross-platform version of BASIC especially designed for teaching young children

Oct 13th 2014, 13:56 GMT

AquariusOS 1.0

A different kind of operating system, based on the TachyonOS and MikeOS projects

Oct 9th 2014, 07:13 GMT

Gambas 2.24.0

A free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions

Oct 30th 2013, 10:19 GMT

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool 2.2.26

A set of similarity search programs.

Mar 6th 2012, 08:46 GMT

Blassic 0.10.2

A classic '80 Basic interpreter, with line numbers & POKE.

Apr 25th 2009, 21:31 GMT

KBasic 1.87

A full featured Object orientated modern BASIC language.

Jan 16th 2009, 13:06 GMT

PureBasic 4.30

A new "high level" programming language based on established BASIC rules.

Jan 5th 2009, 10:40 GMT

Blackjack basic strategy calculator 2.4

Blackjack basic strategy calculator project is a Monte Carlo basic strategy calculator.

Oct 23rd 2006, 21:05 GMT