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Cardpeek 0.8.4

An utility to read the contents of smartcards

Aug 17th 2015, 18:43 GMT

AqBanking 5.5.1

An Open Source, cross-platform, modular and generic interface to online banking tasks

Jan 4th 2015, 09:12 GMT

wxBanker 0.9.1

A simple, personal and Open Source finance software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Jan 23rd 2014, 15:47 GMT

ofxstatement 0.4.0

Tool to convert proprietary bank statement to OFX format, suitable for importing to GnuCash

May 6th 2012, 08:38 GMT

XIWA 2.0.1

XIWA project is a web based accounting package written in Perl and postgreSQL released under the G...

Jun 20th 2007, 17:44 GMT