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Speedometer 2.8

A console bandwidth and file download progress monitor

Dec 9th 2011, 12:11 GMT

Keywatch 1.4.1

Keywatch is a free, open source monitoring system.

Oct 31st 2009, 19:08 GMT

GNetWatch 4.0 Beta

A free open source Java application that enables real-time graphical monitoring.

Dec 31st 2008, 09:53 GMT

Skipole Network Monitor 0.80

Skipole Network Monitor project is a simple network monitor with built in web server.

Jul 22nd 2008, 19:28 GMT

xnetload 1.11.3

xnetload displays a count and a graph of the traffic over a specified network connection.

Jun 7th 2006, 16:26 GMT

bwstats 0.1.0

bwstats will report on how much data has been received and transmitted over each live interface si...

Apr 18th 2006, 15:20 GMT

PipeBandwidth 0.1

PipeBandwidth is a program that measures the speed at which data goes through a pipe and prints st...

Mar 14th 2006, 17:02 GMT