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Balance 3.56

A simple but powerful generic TCP proxy with round-robin load balancing and failover mechanisms

Nov 7th 2013, 17:11 GMT

Balance Games 1.5

Your first aim should be keep your balance.

Sep 3rd 2012, 14:40 GMT

Plate Balance 13.3043.8927

Try to balance your plate on the stick as long as possible.

Aug 5th 2012, 08:20 GMT

Balance 1.4

A nice and fun balance game.

Jul 26th 2012, 14:18 GMT

Balance Skill 1.1

This balancing game is 50% luck and 50% skill.

Mar 27th 2012, 14:26 GMT

Balance 1.0

Grab your racquet and head to the courts. How long can you last?

Feb 29th 2012, 07:19 GMT

Finger Balance 1.2

New addictive game based on physics!

Feb 27th 2012, 07:22 GMT

Crossroads Load Balancer 2.74

A load balance and failover utility for TCP-based services.

Apr 7th 2011, 09:38 GMT

plugdaemon 2.5.5

Plugdaemon is a tool that is inspired by, but not based on, the plug-gw from Trusted Information ...

Dec 12th 2007, 14:58 GMT

udpeq 0.1

udpeq is a program that balances UDP traffic over parallel routes.

Jul 6th 2006, 06:05 GMT

Super Sparrow 0.0.0

Super Sparrow enables users to load balance traffic between geographically separated points.

Jul 1st 2006, 11:05 GMT

NetSplitter 20021204

NetSplitter is a ( user-level ) network load-balance.

Jun 29th 2006, 01:05 GMT