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Wallpaper manager

A simple, yet handy wallpaper manager for Linux

Feb 13th 2014, 07:41 GMT

SyncWall 1.7.4

A wallpaper manager (with synchronization) for Linux

Jul 16th 2013, 09:38 GMT

Image to grub2 1.0

Easily convert desktop images to GRUB2 backgrounds

Jun 1st 2013, 09:28 GMT

Desktop wallpaper to grub2 image 1.0

A GRUB2 background maker for Nautilus

May 20th 2013, 13:32 GMT

SetWallGnome3 0.1

A simple tool to set wallpapers on GNOME

Apr 9th 2013, 22:13 GMT

wmbackground 1.0.1

A small CLI tool to rotate the desktop backgrounds

Mar 8th 2013, 08:54 GMT

aura 1.10

A smart desktop background setter utility for art connoisseurs

Feb 7th 2013, 02:21 GMT

VideoWall 0.1

This simple screenlet allows you to use a video file as a desktop wallpaper

Feb 5th 2013, 00:19 GMT


A wallpaper slideshow on your GNOME panel

Jan 13th 2013, 19:59 GMT

Set Image as Wallpaper Script 0.2

Easily set web images as wallpapers with this script for Nautilus

Jan 4th 2013, 01:49 GMT

Magda 1.0.0

Easily change the boot splash screen of your OS with this software

Dec 14th 2012, 10:09 GMT

Bottom Panel Backgrounds collection 26/11/12

A collection of backgrounds for the bottom GNOME panel

Nov 27th 2012, 22:31 GMT

LXDE Panel Backgrounds collection 20/11/12

A collection of backgrounds for the LXDE panel

Nov 23rd 2012, 12:19 GMT

Sway Darker Backgrounds 1.8

Sway themes collection with darker backgrounds

Oct 3rd 2012, 00:09 GMT

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.20

A family of powerful x86 virtualization products developed and maintained by Oracle
Oracle VM VirtualBox

Network UPS Tools 2.7.2

An extremely powerful and versatile client/server based approach to UPS monitoring.
Network UPS Tools

Google Chrome 39.0.2171.65 / 40.0.2214.10 Beta / 41.0.2224.3 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

DBeaver 3.0.2

The universal database manager tool for Linux/UNIX, Windows and Macintosh systems

Beyond Compare 4.0.1 Build 19165

A powerful and cross-platform, yet commercial application for file and folder comparison and synchronization
Beyond Compare

Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.04.1 LTS

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE Remix

Ubuntu 15.04 Daily Build

The Vivid Vervet edition of Ubuntu, the world's most popular free operating system

Opera 12.16 / 26.0 Beta Build 1656.20 / 27.0 Dev Build 1689.2

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

Dust Racing 2D 1.8.3

A car racing game written in Qt and geared towards Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac users
Dust Racing 2D

BleachBit 1.6

The fast and easy-to-use privacy and space cleaner for Linux and Windows operating systems

LibreOffice 4.3.4

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Xfe 1.37

A Microsoft Explorer-like file manager for the X Window System on GNU/Linux OSes

Wakanda Community Edition 9.172926

The Wakanda Community Edition platform for heavy-duty and cross-browser web development
Wakanda Community Edition

KDar 2.1.0

An Open Source backup/archiving graphical tool designed for the KDE desktop environment

D2X-XL 1.17.90

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems
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  • Opera
  • Dust Racing 2D
  • BleachBit
  • LibreOffice
  • Xfe
  • Wakanda Community Edition
  • KDar
  • D2X-XL
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Network UPS Tools
  • Google Chrome
  • DBeaver
  • Beyond Compare
  • Ubuntu MATE Remix
  • Ubuntu

cipher.background 1.0.2

Background thread support with ZODB support

Aug 3rd 2012, 23:47 GMT

django-ztask 0.1.5

A simple background task scheduler for Django

Jun 7th 2012, 04:41 GMT

Cortina 1.1.1

Desktop wallpaper management application for GNOME

May 14th 2012, 13:29 GMT

Realtime Sunlight Wallpaper 0.4.2

A simple but useful application which retrieve an image from the Internet and set it as a wallpaper

Feb 15th 2012, 07:28 GMT

django-bisnavi 0.0.1

Django Background Image Slideshow + NAVIgation

Jan 4th 2012, 12:46 GMT

gnome-background-generator 1.1.2

A simple utility command-line to generate a XML file for dynamic GNOME wallpapers

Jul 26th 2011, 08:09 GMT

DesktopNova 0.8.1

Change your desktop background image easily after an adjustable time!

Mar 21st 2011, 09:27 GMT

Automatic wallpaper changer 1.0

A Python script for automatic wallpaper change

Dec 6th 2010, 11:49 GMT


Create Background Slideshow

Jun 30th 2010, 07:29 GMT

random-nasa-wallpaper 0.2

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day on your GNOME desktop

May 3rd 2010, 13:35 GMT

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gWallpapers 0.7.2

A program, that can change your desktop wallpaper automatically in a given time interval and/or at...

Mar 15th 2010, 12:08 GMT

XML animated background creator 0.6

Background creator for GNOME

Feb 7th 2010, 16:59 GMT

XSplash Background Settings 1.6.1

Background settings dialog for XSplash and the login screen (GDM)

Jan 26th 2010, 22:57 GMT

Timing Wallpaper 0.2

A new way to switch your GNOME desktop background

Jan 6th 2010, 15:03 GMT

Backgroundr 0.1 Beta

Manage your wallpapers in eyeOS

Aug 19th 2009, 03:56 GMT

Animated Desktop (With XWINWRAP) 1.01

Animated wallpaper for your GNOME desktop

Aug 18th 2009, 08:12 GMT
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