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Remove F2, autocompletion in Overview… [and other cool things]

This GNOME-Shell add-on replaces the ALT+F2 function with command-line tools

Dec 9th 2012, 13:48 GMT

redis-completion 0.4.0

Autocomplete with redis

Sep 19th 2012, 16:56 GMT

django-vocabulary 0.1.0

A Django app for providing controlled vocabularies for autocomplete widgets

Jul 28th 2012, 22:16 GMT

django-test-autocomplete 0.1.4

A bash-autocomplete helper that list TestCases and tests

Jun 7th 2012, 14:37 GMT

django-fancy-autocomplete 0.1 Alpha 1

A simple AJAX autocomplete helper app for Django projects

Nov 20th 2010, 13:45 GMT

gladecompletion 1.0

gladecompletion is a Vim plugin that offers IDE-like completion for projects using the Glade UI de...

Jun 24th 2008, 08:03 GMT