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Gmerlin 1.2.0

Several multimedia applications including a player and a transcoder.

Jun 10th 2012, 01:24 GMT

Transcoder Audio Edition 0.0.6

Audio extractor and converter tool

Aug 26th 2011, 09:27 GMT

Four Channel Ambiophonic Transcoder 1.0

Ambiophonic Transcoder for Four Channels

Jul 9th 2010, 14:16 GMT

Ambiophonic Transcoder 1.5

Ambiophonic Transcoder Tool

Jul 9th 2010, 13:45 GMT

Transcogg 3.3

Transcogg software is an amarok script to shrink your files (MP3 or OGG) before copying them to yo...

Oct 27th 2009, 08:12 GMT

Quick and Dirty Transcoder 0.3

Quick and Dirty Transcoder provides a simple shell script that adds transcoding support to Amarok ...

Jan 30th 2008, 07:58 GMT

Persistent Transcode 0.1

Persistent Transcode is a simple Perl script to transcode files (reduce size and quality) when tra...

Oct 15th 2007, 16:03 GMT