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audiofile 0.3.6

A uniform and elegant API for accessing a variety of audio file formats

May 1st 2012, 10:52 GMT

PyAudiere 0.2

A high-level audio interface for Python

Apr 1st 2009, 05:23 GMT

Taglib-GIO 0.4

A port of the popular TagLib to use the GIO I/O framework.

Oct 1st 2008, 14:18 GMT

Libao 1.2.0

Libao is a cross-platform audio library that allows programs to output audio using a simple API on...

Apr 2nd 2008, 10:09 GMT

OpenAL Soft 1.3.253

OpenAL Soft is a cross-platform software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API.

Feb 28th 2008, 14:25 GMT

FMOD Ex Audio Classes 0.7.1b

FMOD Ex Audio Classes hook into the powerful cross platform FMOD Ex audio library.

Feb 11th 2008, 13:25 GMT

Sonic Flow 0.1.6

Sonic Flow are C/C libraries for dataflow-oriented audio signal processing.

Oct 18th 2007, 18:05 GMT

Freedbtool 1.13

Freedbtool is a command-line tool for accessing the music database, allowing both query...

Jul 25th 2006, 16:57 GMT

MPEG Maaate 0.3.1

Maaate is a set of libraries that enable audio signal analysis and feature calculation.

Jul 16th 2006, 04:33 GMT

libtclsmf 0.1.1

libtclsmf is a pure tcl library for writing and (in the near future) reading Standard MIDI

Jul 15th 2006, 21:05 GMT

Mustajuuri 0.2.9

Mustajuuri is an audio signal processing application and toolkit.

Nov 7th 2005, 17:34 GMT