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CmdOption 0.4.2

Command-line parsing has never been easier!

Jul 20th 2015, 16:32 GMT

HotShots 2.1.0

A screenshot and annotation tool for Linux

Feb 15th 2014, 18:08 GMT

Annotations 1.3.0

Extract annotations from supported readers with this plugin for Calibre

Jan 25th 2014, 17:50 GMT

JGloss 2.1.1

An application for adding reading and translation annotations to Japanese words

Jun 17th 2013, 18:28 GMT

zope.principalannotation 4.0.0 Alpha 2

Annotations for Zope Principals

Jan 19th 2012, 10:50 GMT


A suite of command line programs written in Perl that accelerates annotation of genes and transpos...

May 13th 2009, 12:24 GMT

Caliph & Emir 0.9.25

Caliph & Emir are MPEG-7 based Java prototypes for digital photo and image annotation.

Jul 7th 2007, 05:35 GMT