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Squid Girl Plymouth Theme 0.5

A Plymouth theme featuring Squid Girl

May 8th 2013, 06:12 GMT

Lili-Sakura 1.0

An anime theme for GNOME Shell

Oct 28th 2012, 01:49 GMT

aniftp2 0.3.1

Download anime episodes in your anidb feed from an ftp server

Apr 3rd 2011, 04:32 GMT

GTK Desu_Sheets (Death-Note) Anime 1.0

A dark anime theme for your GNOME desktop

Nov 9th 2010, 14:42 GMT

Touei 0.2 r47

A standalone projection system with scheduling

Feb 10th 2010, 14:24 GMT


AnimeLamp helps with managing an Anime (Manga) collection.

Jan 5th 2008, 01:34 GMT

lolifox 0.3.6

lolifox provides a customized version of Mozilla's Firefox made for the Anime-Community.

Nov 6th 2007, 18:35 GMT