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Openbravo 3.0 PR15Q2.1

An agile Enterprise Resource Planning business solution for small and medium sized companies

May 22nd 2015, 02:05 GMT

Agilian 11.2 Build 20141102

A commercial and complete modeling environment designed for Linux, Windows and Mac

Nov 17th 2014, 14:02 GMT

web2py 2.8.2

An Open Source, enterprise Web framework for developing cross-platform applications

Dec 16th 2013, 09:26 GMT

AgileSites 1.0.0a

The Open Source framework for Agile development with Oracle WebCenter Sites (Fatwire Content Server)

Sep 29th 2013, 05:20 GMT

Agile Toolkit 4.2.4

A PHP framework for building Web UIs

Feb 8th 2013, 04:16 GMT

django-central-station 0.1

Django Based Agile project tracking system

Mar 1st 2012, 11:53 GMT