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Patent Blaster 1.0

Explode patents. Freeze patents. Set patents on fire. Dissolve them in acid. But they'll fight back.

Mar 17th 2013, 20:54 GMT

AcidFS 1.0 Beta 1

ACID semantics for the filesystem

Sep 18th 2012, 15:14 GMT

ACID-v 1.0

Recoloured ACID theme for your GNOME desktop

Jul 2nd 2012, 11:52 GMT

CodonW 1.4.4

CodonW is a programme designed to simplify the Multivariate analysis (correspondence analysis) of ...

Apr 24th 2008, 09:40 GMT

ProtoFit 2.1 rev1

ProtoFit is software for modeling the acid/base behavior of surfaces.

Jan 6th 2008, 13:38 GMT