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ZXTune rev3150

A portable, cross-platofrm and Open Source toolkit for playing ZX-Spectrum music

Dec 3rd 2014, 16:01 GMT

ZxLink 0.6

ZxLink is a multipurpose utility that lets you hook up your ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 to an Unix mac...

Nov 26th 2007, 21:38 GMT

Spectemu 0.94

Spectemu is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for Linux/UNIX.

Nov 22nd 2007, 21:36 GMT

Glukalka 0.9

Glukalka is an emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K and Spectrum clones.

Nov 6th 2007, 23:17 GMT

Spectemu 0.99.3

Spectemu project is a 48k ZX Spectrum emulator.

Jan 11th 2007, 05:05 GMT