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BaseX 7.9

An Open Source app for processing and visualizing XML data with a native XML database

Dec 4th 2014, 16:02 GMT

eXist 2.1

A cross-platform web-based and feature rich open source native XML database app.

Sep 25th 2013, 09:18 GMT

seishub.core 1.2.0

A seismological XML/SQL database hybrid

Dec 24th 2010, 15:13 GMT

xmltvdb 4

xmltvdb is a fairly simplistic tv listings database/viewer for xmltv listings.

Aug 13th 2008, 11:14 GMT

Sedna 3.0

Sedna is a free native XML database.

Apr 8th 2008, 12:12 GMT

Apache Xindice 1.0 / 1.2 Milestone 1

Apache Xindice is a native XML database server.

Feb 8th 2008, 09:12 GMT

pimentech-dbutils 1.2.6

pimentech-dbutils project provides a set of tools for designing a database in XML.

Jul 12th 2006, 20:00 GMT

OpenDaemon 0.7.0

OpenDaemon (Formerly OpenXMLD) started as an open-source native XML database server.

Nov 25th 2005, 18:19 GMT