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PhoDAV 2.0

An Open Source and free WebDAV server implemented using the GIO and libsoup libraries

Feb 21st 2015, 10:49 GMT

GNOME User Share 3.14.2

A system for easy sharing of user files, implemented with success in the GNOME graphical desktop e...

Dec 18th 2014, 14:01 GMT

Alaya 1.4.1

This project provides a chrooting WebDav web server that can serve HTTP and HTTPS

Dec 30th 2013, 08:10 GMT

Sardine 284

An easy to use WebDAV client for Java

Jul 6th 2011, 08:06 GMT

WsgiDAV 0.5.0

Generic WebDAV server based on WSGI

Jan 17th 2011, 02:16 GMT

Prestan 3.0

Prestan is a WebDAV server performance test suite that allows you comprehensively measure the perf...

Sep 25th 2007, 15:34 GMT
  • FTP

neteK 0.8.2

neteK is a user-friendly personal FTP and WebDAV server.

May 3rd 2006, 21:00 GMT