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Water Vapor for Metacity 0.15

A window decoration for your GNOME desktop

Nov 11th 2012, 23:25 GMT

wxSand 4.4

wxSand is a Falling Sand Game.

Oct 29th 2012, 15:40 GMT

TAPPy 0.9.0

A tidal analysis package.

Oct 19th 2011, 16:29 GMT

Water Temperature Applet 0.5.2

A GNOME panel applet that displays water temperatures of rivers, lakes and oceans.

Sep 4th 2009, 03:49 GMT

Bulk Meter Flow and Operations 1.2.5

Bulk Meter Flow and Operations project provides a Web-based application to manage water meter read...

Jul 25th 2007, 22:35 GMT
  • MUD

Dirty Water 0.1.0

Dirty Water project is a custom MUD server.

Dec 19th 2006, 20:05 GMT

KGLWaterSaver 0.6

KGLWaterSaver is a screensaver that looks like a water-talbe.

Oct 12th 2005, 14:33 GMT

xdesktopwaves 1.3

xdesktopwaves is a simulation of water waves on the X11 desktop.

Apr 27th 2005, 16:54 GMT