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factored 2.1

A WSGI app that allows you to add another factor of authentication to any application server

Mar 28th 2012, 16:47 GMT

GitWeb 0.4

WSGI application to serve a git repository

Jun 24th 2011, 03:52 GMT

Markdoc 0.6.6

A lightweight Markdown-based wiki system.

May 30th 2011, 15:56 GMT

WSGIProxy 0.2.2

HTTP proxying tools for WSGI apps

Jun 11th 2010, 22:06 GMT

wsgifront 0.9.9

Simple adapter to connect your WSGI application to any server (mod_python, CGI, PHP, AppEngine, et...

Oct 12th 2009, 14:41 GMT

repoze.who.plugins.ldap 1.0

LDAP authentication for WSGI applications.

Sep 10th 2008, 17:29 GMT