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Voodoo Compiler 1.1.1

An implementation of the Voodoo programming language

Jul 20th 2013, 04:37 GMT

Voodoo Charms 13.3322.2198

Be careful, the stones can not touch the top of the screen! Make sure you destroy as many of the s...

Jul 23rd 2012, 07:55 GMT

I Am Voodoo 1.0

Collect runes and masks to pave the way for some voodoo magic against your evil friends

Feb 12th 2012, 03:03 GMT
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VooDoo cIRCle 1.1.40

VooDoo cIRCle is an IRC (ro)bot, scriptable, SSL support, FileSystem, BotNet, advanced security ri...

Jun 24th 2010, 06:01 GMT