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Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.2

A family of powerful x86 virtualization products developed and maintained by Oracle

Aug 17th 2015, 12:12 GMT

RemoteBox 2.0

A simple too to remotely administer guests or virtual machines running under VirtualBox

Jul 12th 2015, 14:07 GMT

hNix OS

A vulnerable operating system designed for educational purposes for VirtualBox or VMware

Oct 8th 2014, 12:06 GMT


An anonymous and free Linux distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system

Aug 30th 2014, 20:04 GMT
  • KDE

VBox Runner 0.3.3

Allows you to start your VirtualBox virtual machines from Krunner

Apr 23rd 2012, 12:20 GMT

VBoxManage Lite 1.1

VBoxManage wrapper

Jun 7th 2011, 07:57 GMT

Virtualbox 4.04 Ubuntu Installer 1.2

Virtualbox 4.02 Installer and Updater

Feb 23rd 2011, 08:49 GMT

VirtualBox Indicator Applet 1.0

Easily start and suspend your VirtualBox's Virtual Machines

Feb 11th 2011, 06:08 GMT

Virtualbox 4.2 Installer 1.2

Virtualbox 4.0 Installer and updater

Jan 21st 2011, 08:56 GMT

mount-vdi 0.0

Access VirtualBox's VDI virtual hard disks from UNIX

May 7th 2009, 12:02 GMT