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LXTerminal 0.2.0

A desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator without any unnecessary dependencies.

Oct 23rd 2014, 05:51 GMT

ROXTerm 2.8.2

An Open Source, tabbed and free terminal emulator for Linux-based operating systems

Feb 15th 2014, 18:00 GMT

Sakura 3.1.3

This tiny project provides a GUI VTE-based terminal emulator for Linux platforms

Jan 31st 2014, 12:00 GMT

termit 2.9.6

A simple and efficient terminal emulator

Sep 17th 2012, 06:18 GMT

evilvte 0.5.1

A VTE based super lightweight terminal emulator.

Mar 28th 2012, 11:06 GMT

LilyTerm 0.9.5

LilyTerm is a light and easy to use libvte based X Terminal emulator.

Jul 11th 2008, 00:07 GMT