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Ukopp 5.7

A free and easy to use Linux program used for copying or backing-up disk files to a USB stick

Jun 15th 2015, 00:19 GMT

GNOME MultiWriter 3.16.0

A smart Linux utility that lets users to write ISO files to more than 20 USB flash drives simultan...

Mar 23rd 2015, 12:03 GMT

libusb 1.0.19

An Open Source library that provides userspace access to USB devices under UNIX/Linux systems

Nov 25th 2014, 15:58 GMT

Sugar on a Stick 20

A USB implementation of the Fedora-based Sugar learning platform/desktop environment

Sep 3rd 2014, 07:00 GMT

SQLite Manager for Firefox 0.8.1

Manage any SQLite database with this add-on for Firefox

Jan 9th 2014, 10:59 GMT

Ubun2USB 6.0.1

Evert wanted an automated script to install Ubuntu on a USB flash drive? Here's the perfect tool f...

Jan 3rd 2014, 06:46 GMT

usb2format 0.2

A small graphical utility that can be used to easily format a USB flash drives on Linux

Dec 21st 2013, 10:12 GMT

USB Network Gate 3.0

Easily access remote USB devices connected to other Windows or Linux computers over Internet/LAN/WAN

Sep 14th 2013, 09:15 GMT

aerotools-ng RC0

An interface for the Aquaero5 USB device

May 12th 2013, 08:08 GMT

XFlash 1.3.1

Xbox360 USB SPI Flasher client

Apr 13th 2012, 05:31 GMT

canon-remote 0.1

Use old Canon cameras with Python

Feb 1st 2012, 14:20 GMT

ipad_charge 1.0

Charge iPad / iPad2 under Ubuntu

Jan 19th 2012, 13:14 GMT

Quick Usb Formatter 0.4.1

Quick format USB sticks in KDE

Oct 24th 2011, 12:03 GMT

rt-stepper 1.7.8

A command-line tool that provides a real-time stepper motor CNC gcode virtual machine when used wi...

Sep 26th 2011, 08:39 GMT

LibreOffice 4.4.5 / 5.0.0 RC4

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

GIT 2.5.0

The world's most popular and fast version control system for Linux/UNIX systems.

Opera 30.0 Build 1835.125 / 31.0 Build 1889.98 Beta / 32.0 Build 1933.0 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

Lubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2

The Wily Werewolf edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

Kubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2

A special flavor of popular Ubuntu Linux operating system that features the KDE Plasma desktop environment

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Alpha 2

The Wily Werewolf edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system for Chinese-speaking users
Ubuntu Kylin

LDAP Account Manager 5.0

A simple webfrontend for LDAP stored content
LDAP Account Manager

Rainlendar Pro 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 145 Beta

An easy-to-use, customizable and free desktop calendar for Linux operating systems
Rainlendar Pro

Grub Customizer 4.0.6

An Open Source project that provides a graphical GRUB2 and BURG settings manager
Grub Customizer

SmartGit/Hg 6.5.9 / 7 Preview 13

An easy-to-use and cross-platform Mercurial, Subversion and Git client software!

Rainlendar Lite 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 145 Beta

A free, customizable and easy-to-use desktop calendar for Linux operating systems
Rainlendar Lite

D2X-XL 1.18.63

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

Escript 4.0

An Open Source software for solving Partial Differential Equations (PDE) in Python

Sudokuki 1.2.2

A simple Java graphical sudoku game

DDRescue-GUI 1.4

A graphical user interface for the popular GNU ddrescue command-line application
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Rainlendar Pro
  • Rainlendar Pro
  • Grub Customizer
  • SmartGit/Hg
  • Rainlendar Lite
  • D2X-XL
  • Escript
  • Sudokuki
  • DDRescue-GUI
  • LibreOffice
  • GIT
  • Opera
  • Lubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Ubuntu Kylin
  • LDAP Account Manager

unRAID Server 5.0 Beta 7

An embedded Network-Attached Storage server Operating System

Jun 27th 2011, 01:46 GMT

pam_usb 0.5.0

A PAM module that enables either two-factor or password-less authentication using an USB storage d...

Apr 21st 2011, 08:11 GMT

Ejecter 0.4.1

Safely, easily remove external media.

Jan 27th 2011, 09:48 GMT

iPhone USB Ethernet Driver 01-12-2009

The iPhone Ethernet Kernel Driver

Dec 5th 2010, 07:03 GMT

USB device support for Linux boot & KGDB s3c6410

This project enables embedded developers to use USB cable for downloading (kernel, root file syste...

Jun 27th 2010, 01:04 GMT

usbi2c-ros-pkg 1.00

A ROS package for use with the USB to I2C communications module

Apr 22nd 2010, 01:30 GMT

grml2usb 0.9.22

Boot grml from usb-stick/firewire-device

Mar 18th 2010, 19:51 GMT

Ubuntu MID Edition 9.04

Ubuntu for Handhelds

Feb 5th 2010, 23:59 GMT

ztex 091210


Jan 12th 2010, 14:27 GMT

USB Server 2.0

Allows you to share and access USB devices over local network or Internet!

Jul 10th 2009, 08:26 GMT

live downloads


QDiskCatalog 2009-03-16

Qt Disk Catalog

Mar 19th 2009, 13:35 GMT

USBView 1.1

A GTK+ program that displays the topography of the devices that are plugged into the USB bus

Mar 12th 2009, 11:56 GMT

FUSBi 0.3.1

Free USB Installer

Jan 7th 2009, 03:05 GMT

Multiboot USB pen

A tutorial to create a multiboot USB pen

Nov 20th 2008, 13:53 GMT

Ubuntu LiveUSB 0.1.1

Ubuntu LiveUSB is a tool to create a bootable Live USB stick from the running Ubuntu Live CD.

Oct 29th 2008, 11:49 GMT

Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse USB Linux driver 0.5.6

Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse USB Linux driver is a driver for USB Logitech mice.

Sep 30th 2008, 11:51 GMT
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