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ufo2otf 0.1.0 Beta

Take UFO font sources and generate OTF’s and webfonts

Aug 27th 2012, 19:12 GMT

Clear-UFO 0.1

Simple, usable, elegant and clean clearlooks theme.

Dec 24th 2010, 00:07 GMT
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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.3.1

A 3D UFO-inspired tactical game

Dec 1st 2010, 07:05 GMT

Cave Copter 1.0

Penetrate the alien cave system!

Feb 9th 2010, 13:07 GMT

RetroRoids 1.21

RetroRoids is an Asteroids clone.

Jan 17th 2009, 09:12 GMT

UFO: AI Linux Map Editor 1.4.0

UFO: AI Linux Map Editor is a map editor for UFO: Alien Invasion game.

Mar 21st 2006, 15:49 GMT

F.S.a. 1.10

F.S.a. is an action game where you have to shoot UFOs.

Aug 9th 2005, 18:26 GMT