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JAXX 2.7

User Interface generator

Jul 18th 2013, 04:50 GMT

Metawidget 1.20

Metawidget is a cross-platform software that takes your domain objects and automatically creates, ...

May 12th 2011, 11:41 GMT

Fingon Beta

A Swing auxiliary look and feel for Java application development

Jul 23rd 2010, 13:38 GMT

BalloonTip 1.0

Balloon tips for Java

Jul 6th 2010, 10:54 GMT

Monkeybars 0.6.2

Monkeybars is a library enabling you to write GUI applications using JRuby and Swing.

Jun 23rd 2008, 18:04 GMT

Listman 0.5.5

Listman is a cross-platform list management program.

May 25th 2008, 23:39 GMT
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