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BitNami Alfresco Stack 5.0.b-0

An easy-to-install distribution of Alfresco CMS and all its required dependencies

Oct 17th 2014, 15:40 GMT

BitNami Drupal Stack 7.32-0 / 8.0.0 Alpha 14-0 Dev

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Drupal and its runtime dependencies

Oct 16th 2014, 18:38 GMT

BitNami Joomla! Stack 3.3.6-0

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Joomla! and its runtime dependencies

Oct 10th 2014, 13:30 GMT

BitNami WordPress Stack 4.0-1

An easy-to-install distribution of the WordPress blogging software and its dependencies

Oct 10th 2014, 13:19 GMT

BitNami Redmine Stack 2.5.2-3

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Redmine and its runtime dependencies

Oct 10th 2014, 13:18 GMT

BitNami DokuWiki Stack 20140929-0

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Dokuwiki and its runtime dependencies

Oct 6th 2014, 13:16 GMT

Bitnami CraftBukkit Minecraft Stack 1.7.9 R0.3-0

An easy-to-install distribution of the CraftBukkit Minecraft application on real hardware

Oct 3rd 2014, 13:35 GMT

BitNami Trac Stack 1.0.1-4 / 1.1.1-4 Dev

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Trac and its runtime dependencies

Oct 3rd 2014, 11:52 GMT

BitNami MediaWiki Stack 1.23.5-0

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of MediaWiki and its runtime dependencies

Oct 3rd 2014, 11:36 GMT

BitNami Mantis Stack 1.2.17-2

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Mantis and its runtime dependencies

Sep 26th 2014, 14:01 GMT

BitNami phpBB Stack 3.0.12-3

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of phpBB and its runtime dependencies

Sep 23rd 2014, 08:37 GMT

BitNami Subversion Stack 1.8.8-4

An easy-to-install, ready-to-run binary distribution of Apache and Apache Subversion

Sep 19th 2014, 09:03 GMT

Android SDK Release 22.3

A software stack for mobile devices including an operating system, middleware and key applications

Nov 1st 2013, 12:35 GMT

Common C++ RTP 2.0.0

A threadsafe RTP stack for use with Common C++.

Jun 13th 2011, 08:54 GMT

LibreOffice 4.3.4 / 4.4.0 Beta 1

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Opera 12.16 / 26.0 Beta Build 1656.20 / 27.0 Dev Build 1689.2

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

Tomahawk 0.8.2

The social media player that gives you instant access to all of your favorite artists

SmartGit/Hg 6.5.1

An easy-to-use and cross-platform Mercurial, Subversion and Git client software!

VariCAD Viewer 2015-1.04

A redistributable, freeware and cross-platform application for viewing CAD files
VariCAD Viewer

Google Chrome 39.0.2171.71 / 40.0.2214.10 Beta / 41.0.2224.3 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

GIT 2.2.0

The world's most popular and fast version control system for Linux/UNIX systems.

Gramps 4.1.1

An Open Source software that helps you organize and analyze your family history!

XNOISE 0.2.21

A fast, lightweight and slick GTK+ media player for your Linux operating system.

Pidgin 2.10.11

A very popular multi-protocol instant messaging client supported on Linux and Windows

Qtractor 0.6.4

An Open Source audio and MIDI multi-track sequencer application for Linux systems

Clam AntiVirus 0.98.5

An open source and cross-platform anti-virus toolkit for most UNIX operating systems
Clam AntiVirus

Kup Backup System 0.5.0

An easy-to-use, simple and Open Source backup system for the KDE desktop environment
Kup Backup System

CryptoHeaven 3.8.7

A commercial and secure email, online file sharing/storage, and secure chat, HIPAA compliant

Network UPS Tools 2.7.2

An extremely powerful and versatile client/server based approach to UPS monitoring.
Network UPS Tools
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  • Gramps
  • Pidgin
  • Qtractor
  • Clam AntiVirus
  • Kup Backup System
  • CryptoHeaven
  • Network UPS Tools
  • LibreOffice
  • Opera
  • Tomahawk
  • SmartGit/Hg
  • VariCAD Viewer
  • Google Chrome
  • GIT

Extended Python Debugger 1.26

A more complete debugger for Python than the stock debugger.

Apr 11th 2009, 07:25 GMT


PJSIP and PJMEDIA is the Open Source, high performance, small footprint SIP and media stack writte...

Jan 20th 2009, 09:43 GMT

reSIProcate 1.4.1

A high performance, object-oriented, C++ sip stack that is compliant with RFC 3261.

Dec 17th 2008, 08:44 GMT

OpenSS7 0.9.2.G

OpenSS7 is an opensource development project to provide robust and GPL'ed SS7 stack for Linux and ...

Nov 4th 2008, 23:04 GMT

GK-radius 1.1

GK RADIUS is a free opensource implementation of RADIUS protocol and database logic by DTL ODBC.

Jan 31st 2008, 11:15 GMT

Yxa 1.0

Yxa is a SIP stack and a set of SIP server applications written in Erlang/OTP.

Nov 6th 2007, 09:35 GMT

Affix 2.0.1

Affix is the Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux.

Aug 16th 2007, 02:05 GMT

Slide & Stack

Slide & Stack is a brain challenging game.

Aug 6th 2006, 17:35 GMT

OpenIB 1.0

OpenIB provides an Infiniband networking software stack that is fast, scalable, reliable, and open.

Aug 2nd 2006, 04:35 GMT

braa 0.8

Braa is a tool for making SNMP queries.

Jul 6th 2006, 23:05 GMT

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uIP 1.0

uIP TCP/IP stack provide TCP/IP connectivity to tiny embedded 8-bit microcontrollers.

Jun 14th 2006, 14:08 GMT

Sidebrain 1.0

Sidebrain is a programmers' memory aide.

May 8th 2006, 16:50 GMT

ISIC 0.06

ISIC is a suite of utilities to exercise the stability of an IP Stack and its component stacks (TC...

Mar 9th 2006, 23:33 GMT

stackviz 0.1

stackviz project is the stack visualizer.

Feb 3rd 2006, 02:41 GMT

Axis2 0.94

Apache Axis2 is a next generation Web Services stack (client and server) written in Java that supp...

Jan 16th 2006, 16:15 GMT

Easy Stack Calculator 0.6

Easy Stack Calculator is a simple console-based calculator.

Sep 22nd 2005, 21:27 GMT
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