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Plain and mostly Square 0.1

A plain and square theme for Cinnamon

Jun 15th 2013, 09:15 GMT

JKuadrat 1.1

Count the determinan and square root formula with this Java tool

Jun 12th 2013, 13:31 GMT

LetterMeister 0.78 Beta

A word puzzle game for Linux

Jun 5th 2013, 17:08 GMT

Gilouche Squared 3

A squared version of the Gilouche theme for Metacity

Feb 10th 2013, 08:48 GMT

Futoshiki_SG 2.00

A Futoshiki game with hints

Feb 4th 2013, 22:59 GMT

At 6 O'clock 0.1

A blue and squared theme for Metacity

Jan 14th 2013, 03:32 GMT

Remove Rounded Corners

Removes the rounded corners of the GNOME panel

Dec 27th 2012, 01:26 GMT


A squared StormCloud theme for Metacity

Dec 5th 2012, 08:40 GMT

Soft Squares 1.0

A light and clean theme for Metacity

Nov 8th 2012, 20:51 GMT

pebsaq 0.1.0

A poor synthesizer

Jul 2nd 2012, 01:48 GMT

blockdiagcontrib-class 0.1.3

Noderenderer plugin for blockdiag

Nov 23rd 2011, 15:24 GMT

blockdiagcontrib-square 0.1.3

Noderenderer plugin for blockdiag

Nov 23rd 2011, 14:33 GMT

ReferenceFinder 2.1.1

ReferenceFinder is a software that finds folding sequences to approximately locate any point in a ...

Feb 9th 2008, 20:34 GMT