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gnome-session 3.16.0

The GNOME session manager package and other session management related utilities

Mar 24th 2015, 07:42 GMT

KeyBox 2.82.00

A web-based application that allows users to easily manage SSH (Secure Shell) sessions

Mar 14th 2015, 16:12 GMT


An alternate approach to PHP sessions

Mar 15th 2013, 11:59 GMT

LXSession 0.3.8

A lightweight X11 session manager derived from XSM

May 20th 2009, 13:13 GMT

LXSession Lite 0.3.7

LXSession Lite is a lightweight X11 session manager for lightwiehgt desktop environments.

May 5th 2009, 14:23 GMT

sessionman.vim 1.04

sessionman.vim is a Vim session manager.

Jun 23rd 2008, 16:46 GMT

sessions.vim 0.2

sessions.vim is a script for easy session management for gvim.

Apr 9th 2008, 07:12 GMT

IP-Session 0.1

IP-Session is a tool to manage session/traffic.

Nov 14th 2007, 16:08 GMT

HolePunch 1.0

Holepunch project is a web-based firewall session manager.

Apr 3rd 2007, 20:57 GMT

VNC Session Manager 0.8

VNC Session Manager provides a disconnected session manager for VNC.

Mar 6th 2007, 08:05 GMT

ROX-Session 0.29

ROX-Session is a simple session manager.

Sep 10th 2006, 06:35 GMT