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SPARQLWrapper 1.5.2

SPARQL Wrapper

Aug 30th 2012, 21:17 GMT

eea.sparql 2.8

Wrapper for Products.ZSPARQLMethod

Aug 30th 2012, 17:12 GMT

humfrey 0.3.9

A Django-based RESTful linked data frontend for SPARQL endpoints

Jun 14th 2012, 00:51 GMT

Products.ZSPARQLMethod 0.4

Zope product for making SPARQL queries, similar to ZSQLMethod

Oct 25th 2011, 17:22 GMT

djubby 0.1.7

A Pubby clone for Django, a Linked Data frontend for SPARQL endpoints

Apr 28th 2010, 10:59 GMT

Cyparkler 1.1

Cyparkler is a software framework which implements a query factory for SPARQL and SeRQL.

Jun 3rd 2008, 09:06 GMT