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sg3_utils 1.41

The Linux sg3_utils package that allows users to send SCSI commands to Linux devices

Jun 29th 2015, 16:05 GMT

sdparm 1.09

An Open Source utility that helps users to modifies the parameters of any SCSI device

Jan 3rd 2015, 15:57 GMT

vhba-module 20130607

This is an Open Source kernel module that emulates SCSI devices on Linux systems

Dec 29th 2013, 02:32 GMT

ScsiaddGui 2.1

Scsiaddgui provides a graphical user interface for the Scsiadd utility.

Nov 18th 2012, 04:03 GMT
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mkinitramfs 0.9.11

mkinitramfs is intended to create the ultimate initramfs image.

Dec 11th 2007, 07:28 GMT

mpt-status 1.2.0

mpt-status is a query tool for accessing the running configuration and status of LSI SCSI HBAs.

Nov 6th 2006, 02:35 GMT