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Muby 0.7.8

Muby is a simple text mode MUD client created with ruby and ncurses.

May 29th 2008, 12:36 GMT

RubyRoom 0.3

RubyRoom is a fullscreen text editor (using gtk2 for the interface) with as less distractions as p...

May 9th 2008, 23:13 GMT

tcalc 0.11

tcalc is a small Ruby-based RPN-calculator.

Apr 17th 2008, 10:12 GMT

Snippits 0.5.1

Snippits project is Ruby program that will type text for you.

Dec 28th 2007, 13:58 GMT

Tar2RubyScript 0.4.8

Tar2RubyScript transforms a directory tree, containing your application, into one single Ruby scri...

Aug 10th 2006, 14:35 GMT

xmltv2html 0.7.0

xmltv2html project is a Ruby script that generates a HTML page from the output of XMLTV.

Feb 14th 2006, 20:00 GMT