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django-icetea 0.4.1

REST API Framework

Jun 11th 2012, 07:52 GMT

django-lithium-api 0.1.4

A (very) limited implementation of the Lithium REST API for Django

May 28th 2012, 09:25 GMT

django-restapi-op 0.1.0

Django REST API modified for OpenProximity

Oct 24th 2011, 17:57 GMT

Net::Amazon::S3 0.54

A simple, easy to use, pure Ruby implementation of the Amazon S3 REST API.

Aug 3rd 2011, 12:46 GMT

django-squeeze-gclosure 0.1

Squeeze CSS and JS

May 15th 2011, 01:34 GMT

tarpipe 0.1.1

tarpipe is a Ruby module to easily access TarPipe's REST API.

May 24th 2008, 01:04 GMT

Simpy Tools 1.1

SimpyTools is a collection of various software for using and enhancing the social bookma...

Apr 20th 2007, 01:35 GMT