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Nimrod 0.9.2

This is an Open Source statically typed and imperative programming language for Linux

Oct 9th 2013, 14:22 GMT

wempy 0.1.5

Embedded Python interpreter (very similar to Ruby's erb)

Sep 14th 2012, 17:26 GMT

IPython 0.13

IPython provides an interactive shell superior to Python's default

Jul 4th 2012, 02:13 GMT

bpython 0.11

bpython is a fancy interface to the Python interpreter for Unix-like operating systems.

Apr 8th 2012, 11:34 GMT

lizpop 0.4.0

Scheme interpreter in Python

Apr 6th 2012, 12:37 GMT

PIL 1.1.7

Adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter

Oct 8th 2011, 23:04 GMT

RUR-PLE 1.0.1

Learn computer programming using the language Python

Jan 4th 2010, 10:04 GMT

C to C++ 1.4.0

C to C++ is a Python script that converts C code to C++ code.

Dec 2nd 2005, 16:42 GMT