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Plex Media Server

A very powerful media center app to manage and stream your media to various devices

Jan 2nd 2015, 19:43 GMT

RasPlex 0.4.0 RC1

An Open Source and cross-platform port of the Plex Media Server for the Raspberry Pi

Dec 26th 2013, 18:51 GMT

plexshell 0.0.2

A shell to interact with the Plex Media Server

Sep 21st 2011, 11:18 GMT

PlexIpLocator 1.0

PlexIpLocator is a Geo-Ip mapping application.

Dec 20th 2007, 20:56 GMT
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PlexIRC 1.1.2

PlexIRC project comes with packed with features for chatting using IRC and DCC based protocols.

Dec 20th 2007, 15:32 GMT