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An Open Source PSP emulator software for Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, and Blackberry 10

Oct 4th 2015, 22:08 GMT

Kernelloader 3.0

This project provides an Open Source solution for running Linux on PlayStation 2

Jul 13th 2015, 21:02 GMT

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux 14.03

A Debian derivative that runs on PowerPC hardware, such as the PlayStation 3 console

Jul 21st 2014, 07:35 GMT

Yellow Dog Linux 7

The premier Linux operating system for PowerPC and IBM PowerLinux 7R2 hardware platforms

Mar 17th 2014, 12:32 GMT

PS3 Media Server 1.90.1

A Java powered UPnP media server dedicated to the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console

Aug 19th 2013, 06:22 GMT

PCSX Reloaded 1.9.92

A PlayStation emulator

Aug 16th 2010, 19:43 GMT

PCSX-df 1.10

A fork of the PCSX Playstation emulator

Mar 29th 2009, 15:54 GMT

PS3 Theme Extractor 0.12

PS3 Theme Extractor software unpacks Playstation 3 Theme files (.p3t).

Dec 16th 2007, 08:39 GMT

pSX 1.13

An easy to use Playstation 1 emulator in binary form.

Nov 27th 2007, 18:45 GMT

Sope 0.04

Sope is an open-source Playstation emulator for Linux/Unix Systems.

Nov 22nd 2007, 21:26 GMT
  • Boot

KBoot 11

KBoot project is a proof-of-concept implementation of a Linux boot loader based on kexec.

May 29th 2007, 21:28 GMT

Debian LiveCD for PS3 20070114

Debian LiveCD for PS3 is the first Debian Linux LiveCD for the PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Jan 16th 2007, 16:09 GMT

Xbox360 Controller Driver

Xbox360 Controller Driver package contains the diabolix's compiled Xbox360 controller driver for L...

Jan 9th 2007, 15:47 GMT